The Key to Affiliate Marketing: Presentation

One of the most important factors in affiliate marketing is your presentation. Since you won’t be meeting your customers in person, the website for your product must show the customer exactly how dedicated and professional you are.

Your advertising is the door through which most of your customers will be coming, so it is important to make it both noticeable and inviting. The average consumer is bombarded by hundreds of ads per day, so you must catch their eye and get them interested. You may only have a few seconds of their attention, so make something that is different from all your competitors and straight to the point.

Another key component of your advert is length. As you can imagine, an advertisement that is either too long or too short can be a waste of both time and money. The ad should be long enough to be intriguing, but short enough to keep them interested. Your potential customers will most likely find a long ad or email boring. An ad that is too short can also be disastrous, leaving the consumer uninterested. The key is to give enough information about the product to leave the customer wanting to know more. Maybe even use a fact about the effectiveness of your product, such as “The number one selling vacuum cleaner 2 years in a row”.

Once you get your customers to your website, either through a search engine, advert, or email, it is important to get them interested immediately, before they get bored and move on to something else. Two good ways of doing this are to start off your sales copy by showing how much money they can save with your product, how effective your product is, or both. Before explaining your products and its benefits, give them short, simple sentences of the best facts and features of your product. Bullet points or numbered advantages can do the trick in a nice, neat package. Once you have provided a point of interest to keep the reader interested, you can start to give more details about your product, what exactly it does, and how it works. Be sure to give examples of how the product can make the customer’s life easier or more efficient. Testimonials are another way to show just how great your product is.

One way to keep the customer from facing a daunting amount of information is to break up the information into different steps. Your first page should get them interested in your product without being too long. Once your customer is interested, they can then choose to go to the next page, or “step”. At this point, you can start to gather information about your potential customer. Providing a form for them to fill out can help you contact them in the future. Be sure to include a spot for their name, email, phone number, and address. It is also wise to show them how great your product is on the first page, without pricing information. Once they are interested in the product, they will be more open to pricing, however; sticker-shock can chase them away if they are not sold on the value of the product to begin with.

By following these simple rules of how and what information to give, and at what time, your product site will be making profit for you around the clock.

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